The first Health Systems Global (HSG) Media Fellowships Programme is offering six fellowships to journalists undertaking cutting edge news and reporting on health systems and health policy topics across the world. This is an opportunity for journalists to engage and build relationships within the community and report on some of the biggest issues and challenges facing the global community in a rapidly changing world.

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2017.
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Please provide details of relevant employment, education and training (in bullet point form with dates included):

You will need to demonstrate that you are employed or regularly freelance for an accredited outlet, as verified by an editor (if you get selected, we will ask for verification).
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3-5 examples of published pieces *

To demonstrate your experience in public policy; health or human development and/or your interest in health systems and policy provide the date, title and link of 3-5 published articles/podcasts/radio shows/blogs:
Pitch your idea for a feature piece *

The Media Fellowship will begin in January 2018. The Media Fellows will begin research or investigation for a feature piece, which they will get published in a major outlet before September 2018. This piece will be considered for the inaugural Health Systems Global Media Prize.

In 250 words or less, please pitch your idea for the feature piece that you would write. There will be scope to change and develop the idea:
Thank you for your submission. 

The media fellows will be selected by a panel which will include a representative from the HSG Board and the HSG Communications Manager, a leading journalist and a representative from a specialist media organisation. The panel will review all the applications and announce the successful applicants by December 2017.

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